100% full extension storage drawers with a load capacity of 200kgs. Reduce your floor space and increase efficiency.

Heavy duty workplace storage drawers with a weight capacity of 200kgs UDL, that can be fully extended

High Density drawer storage can offer enhanced accessibility, increased efficiency and an overall reduction in required floor space to operate a business, which is why Boscotek High Density storage can improve your organisations’ workplace. The system has more flexibility due to the increased weight capacity, applications and most importantly, safety.

Drawers can become particularly hazardous, when loaded incorrectly, which is why Boscotek offers 100% full extension runners.  An exceptional compliment to an already impressive drawer storage system. The runner itself is an independent system that includes telescopic load support, increased guide bearings and a welded support frame.

The full extension runner has an increased weight capacity of up to 200kgUDL*. The drawer incorporates a flush aluminium or plastic extruded handle running the entire width of the drawer front. Please contact Boscotek sales for further information on the weight load capabilities.

The increase in weight capacity is not the only benefit with the full extension runner system. The other major feature is 100% total drawer access, as the drawer completely opens outside of the cabinet, allowing parts to be handled from the back compartment without interfering with the above drawer.

This innovative component of the Boscotek range provides a greater level of safety, giving you the confidence that the full extension runner’s robust design coupled with Boscotek’s patented anti-tilt system will keep you and your team safe while increasing efficiency and storage capacity for your organisation. Consider Boscotek full extension drawers for your storage needs.

Boscotek is 100% designed and manufactured in Australia. No supply chain risk. Boscotek has a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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