Boscotek is part of the Wilson & Gilkes group. Designing & manufacturing in Australia for 75 years.

Our history

Australian designed and manufactured workplace storage solutions.

Wilson & Gilkes was established in 1945 by Mr Alex Wilson and Mr Eric Gilkes. The company manufactured a broad range of photographic equipment which gave the company its precision and quality culture.

Today, Wilson and Gilkes is recognised as one of Australia’s leading sheet metal fabricators. Our engineers and industrial designers produce Boscotek storage solutions to save space and improve efficiency in your workplace.

Boscotek is a truly competitive and flexible manufacturer specialising in sheet metal storage. In recent years Wilson & Gilkes has been a key supplier to large infrastructure and defence projects. Our team took a basic concept for traffic tunnel fire service metal structures, and helped create a modular system that slashed site installation time.


Our values

Wilson & Gilkes opened their doors in the post WWII economic reconstruction period. The company has seen dramatic manufacturing, economic and social changes during the next 75 years. In those early years it would have been almost impossible to imagine Wilson & Gilkes using automated laser technology to perform complex, precise metal cutting for Boscotek storage solutions. Even with the assistance of world class manufacturing equipment, Wilson & Gilkes believes in the quality of its people to achieve flexible manufacturing solutions to achieve optimum results for our Boscotek customers. The company employs qualified staff including, Industrial Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Electricians, Sheetmetal trades, Fitter and machinists, Toolmakers, Powder Coaters and Welders.