Boscotek – Bondline EPA workstations for servicing electronic components

Boscotek – Bondline Electric Vehicle ( EV ) component servicing workstation

Bondline Electric Vehicle ( EV ) component servicing workstation

Dale Peterson of Bondline Static Control Solutions is known in the Static Control space for delivering quality products and services into many industries including Static Control Awareness training. When you think ‘static’, it is not always clear just how far reaching the effects can be.

For example:
• Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) – damage to electronic components, personal discomfort, fire, and explosion
• Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) – computer lockup, noise and errors
• Electrostatic Fields – particle contamination, and material handling issues globally each year these problems can end up costing industries — and
individuals — millions of dollars. This can be attributed to faults, failures, errors, down-time, warranty returns, and damage to reputation. To further enhance his
promotion of Static Control Awareness, Dale Peterson has set up a fully functional ESD Protected Area (EPA) workstation to enable effective training and practical demonstrations of static control equipment and procedures.

The mainstay of this EPA Workstation setup is the Boscotek workbench with its static dissipative bench mat, and galvanised louvered panels. These allow for the black conductive bins and boxes to be common grounded to the EPA earth reference. The bench also stands on an electrostatically conductive floor. This means that the ESD chair, black conductive boxes, trolleys with conductive wheels, and personnel with groundable footwear are all able to common-ground to the EPA earth reference.

The key aspect of a correctly set up EPA is not only to minimise the generation and retention of static electricity but also to drain it away safely to the designated earth reference. Other static-safe equipment in the EPA Bench setup include an ioniser, fume extraction, magnifying lamp, wrist and footwear testers.

Boscotek workbenches are designed and manufactured in Australia. Boscotek works closely with Bondline – Static Control Solutions – to offer a range of workbenches that have integrated static control.

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