Boscotek colour finishes have a low carbon footprint and are applied during manufacture by Boscotek team members

Boscotek standard colour finishes are solvent-free, lead-free and eco-friendly

Boscotek is renowned for high-quality, heavy-duty workshop and workplace storage units.

A key component of the Boscotek system is the protective colour finish. The standard Boscotek finish is an ‘anti-mar’ powder coat.

Boscotek standard colour finishes
Boscotek standard colour finishes

Powder coating is a type of protective and decorative coating that is applied electrostatically as a dry powder and then cured in an oven. The curing process heats the dry powder allowing it to flow and form a tough, solid film. The key difference between powder and liquid coatings is that powder does not require a solvent and is VOC free, therefore making it a less hazardous coating.

Powder coating exhibits many environmental advantages. Powder coatings are VOC free and produce virtually no waste as any reclaim generated during the application process can be captured and recycled with nearly 100% use of the coating.

Durability is the major feature of the Boscotek finish. Powder coatings have a reputation for superior hardness and durability. Widely used on items such as agricultural equipment, lawnmowers, outdoor furniture and other well used objects.

Boscotek standard colour finishes
Boscotek standard colour finishes

At Boscotek the surface finish we offer is an Interpon D1000. This exhibits a tougher cured film which provides superior damage resistance to packaging materials. The ‘anti-mar’ finish and advanced powder technology combine to protect the surface from abrasions whether in-situ or during transport.
Safe, clean, economical and eco-friendly
Boscotek Powder coatings are:
• Solvent-free
• Reduced risk of fire
• Lead-free
• Ease of waste disposal
• No hazardous materials used during clean up
• No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
• Contain no toxic heavy metals such as lead or chromium (VI)
• No paint sludge from a spray booth
• Overspray can be reused
• Improved productivity
• One coat system, simple process
• Can build high film thicknesses easily, up to 150 microns with one coat
• No costly removal and reprocessing of solvents
• Highly durable
• Low carbon footprint

Boscotek products are made to the highest standard in the Wilson & Gilkes Moorebank facility.
Boscotek is 100% designed and manufactured in Australia.
No supply chain risk.
Boscotek workbenches have a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty*

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