Boscotek heavy duty storage cupboards are ideal for industry

Boscotek industrial cupboards have integrated corner posts for superior structural integrity, strength and durability


Boscotek industrial cupboards are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia. These high quality, durable storage cupboards offer safety and security.

Every cupboard is personally checked and signed off by a Boscotek team member before packaging.

Boscotek storage cupboards are available in three configurations;

1. Factory
Includes 4 shelves that can be adjusted at 20mm increments enabling users to position shelves to suit their specific storage requirements.

2. Engineering
Includes 5 shelves can be adjusted at 20mm increments enabling users to position shelves to suit their specific storage requirements.

3. Implement
Includes 1 fixed shelf, 2 half width adjustable shelves and a storage compartment for long items.

The demands of industrial use require good design and product strength. Boscotek industrial cupboards have fully welded corner posts and a reinforced base. Cabinet corner posts are fully integrated into the carcass using advanced folding technologies. Unlike competitive products where corner posts are spot riveted to unit, integrated corner posts provide superior structural integrity and add to the strength and durability of the unit. There are no visible welds or rivets leaving a seamlessly constructed product.

Boscotek industrial storage cupboards incorporate reinforced doors, which can be retrofitted. Doors incorporate heavy duty fully welded hinges opening to 110° to ensure easy access to cupboard contents. Doors are fitted with a secure triple action locking mechanism with key lockable flush mounted handle. To avoid noisy slamming, doors are fitted with top and bottom buffers, which absorb resistance and offer secure and quiet closing.

The option of a slopped top on a cupboard is a great health and safety feature. The angled top prevents items being placed on top of the cupboard and eliminates the risk of items falling from above.

Boscotek cupboards are delivered fully assembled, saving you time.

Please watch the video to see the Boscotek industrial Storage cupboard features;

Boscotek is 100% Australian designed and manufactured workshop and workplace storage products.

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