A-Frame Trolleys

Boscotek A-Frame trolleys are the ideal solution to organised mobile tool storage. It’s no secret the leaner and more efficient your workshop production is, the greater chances are of a more profitable business. Successful industrial workshops in the automotive, defence and manufacturing industries are adopting a ‘5S’ approach to their production processes.

Boscotek products are perfectly matched with this strategic way of operating which is why we have introduced our new VTS range of workshop storage products.

Dimensions – 1970mm(h) x 780mm/1230mm(w) x 600mm(d)

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Our visual tool storage (VTS) range combines flexible tool and part storage with maximum visibility. This visibility is critical in a busy workshop; reducing excessive movement and time when employees try to locate and access tools. Also, the additional security benefit of knowing what tools are in use and what needs to be replaced is popular among training centres with a high user turnover. So start Reclaiming Your Workspace with Boscotek A-Frame trolleys.

The modular design of the A Frame Trolley allows dual side access of stored tools and equipment and it compatible with Boscotek Twist & Lock Tool Hooks.

Item Dimensions Description
BTAFT.1970.780 1970mm(h) x 780mm(w) x 600mm(d) 1800mm usable height
BTAFT.1970.1230 1970mm(h) x 1230mm(w) x 600mm(d) 1800mm usable height

Powder Coated Metal Panels
1.2mm zinc seal steel perforated panels accommodate Boscotek Twist & Lock Tool Hooks. Strong durable design for workshops.

Dual Side Access
With perforated panels on both sides of the trolley busy workshops have dual side access to all tools and equipment stored keeping productivity high.

Aluminium Pull Handles
Oversize solid aluminium powder coated handles make moving the A Frame Trolley easy to manoeuvre.

Twist & Lock Tool Hooks
With the A Frame Trolley, tools and equipment are organised and neatly stored above the work top area with the use of varying sizes of hooks, holders and hangers. The simple lock and twist design means these tool hooks can be relocated and locked into place from the front with ease.

Heavy duty non marking braking and fixed castors for improved mobility.

Boscotek A-Frame Trolley (PDF)